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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Defining your location

Below are some examples of how you can define a blog post location with a BlurbBit Map.. and see the various results (via RSS feed etc). Embedded sizes are default examples and can be easily adjusted using the &height and &width Url parameters. The first location and image are used while extracting data for other views.

The following BlurbBit design mode options are available:

Only maps are shown however photos can be added.

BlogThis or Embed in Website/Blog Entry (with feed)

Embed in Website/Blog Sidebar (no feed)
BlurbBit w/Location

The following Links and lat/lng text can be turned into popups with Dynamic GeoBlog Maps

Add link in Website/Blog (+ Graphic)

BBlink BlurbBits for this Entry w/Location
must be placed after first photo or this graphic will be the main blog image

Add text link in Website/Blog
BlurbBits for this Entry w/Location

Note: To define a blog post location through a BlurbBit (like above), a &llz= parameter MUST be used!!

Blogger mobile via email:

You can also use a Lat/Lng text string like 36 17.6N,30 8.98E but it should only be used for Blogger Mobile support (because zoom levels cannot be defined). Use the llz= parameter llz=36.23,30.16,12 to define decimal degrees (no N,S,E or W.. use - values for S and W) and zoom levels.

To see a working example with BlurbBits, Lat/Lng text AND Dynamic GeoBlog maps visit our sailing blog.


You can also use the new Blogger in draft editor to geotag a post, however zoom level is not currently stored and re-editing of the post within standard blogger deletes the location. The good news is this means Blogger will have direct geotagging support in the future so geotagged posts are NOT going away. We also have a documented migration path if you want to use the lat/lng defined by BlurbBits within Blogger-in-Draft.